Biomutant Crack PC Game Free Download

Biomutant Crack PC Game Free Download

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Biomutant Crack PC Game Free Download

Biomutant Crack is an open-world, post-apocalyptic Kung-Fu fable RPG, using a distinctive martial arts styled combat system allowing you to combine melee, shooting, and mutant skill actions.

A plague is ruining the land, and also, the Tree-of-Life is bleeding death from its roots. The Tribes stand split. Investigate a world in turmoil and define its fate — would you be its savior or direct it to a much darker fate?

To improve the looting experience, we have tweaked how the loot production functions to reduce duplicate items and improve variety. We have also added several new items which have higher stats than their lower rarity counterparts. This means that an item found with a specific rarity can also be found later with a higher rarity and substantially enhanced stats.
And to top it off, we also have added a much-requested trash action to the loot screen, which should reduce time spent cleaning up the inventory.

Biomutant Crack PC Game Free Download

Key Features:


The martial arts style battle system allows you maximum freedom of motion and agility while mixing shooting, melee, and forces from your mutations. Learning new Wung-Fu battle forms through progression and learning from masters you will meet will always increase your choices and ensure battle never gets older.


you are going to be able to re-code your genetic arrangement to change how you play and look. This may, of course, affect your characteristics, and along with this, vulnerability to bio-contamination on the planet will lead to mutations like the Turtleform and Mucus Bubble. In contrast, exposure to radioactivity seen in bunkers on the old planet will impact your brain and unlock psi-mutations such as telekinesis, levitation, and much more.


You are liberated when crafting weapons. Mix and match components to create your unusual 1H or 2H slash and crush weapons. Revolvers, rifles, and shotguns add alterations like cork-screws and battery-powered chainsaw modules to bio-contaminated sludge vials, including a battle arsenal. There are characters you’ll meet that will craft cool stuff for you, like bionic wings, a jump-pack, and even allow you to change your Automaton – the scrap-toy sidekick!


You are free when equipping your personality. Not only in regards to choosing weapons you created but what type of equipment you wear. Equip a gas mask and an oxygen tank for exploring the Dead Zones, thermos-resistant clothes for venturing into cryonic locations, or protective equipment for carrying on bio-contaminated animals; the choice is up to you.


you’re free to learn more about the entire world and what lies beneath its surface, by foot, mech, jet-ski, air-balloon, or area mounts that are unique. Explore the expiring wildland, the tunnels, and bunker networks of the underworld, and find your way up the mountains or out in the archipelago. There are tons of discoveries to be made, puzzles to tease creatures to confront, and weird characters to fulfill in this vibrant and colorful world.


Your activities play a significant part at the beginning of a story where End is coming to the New World. A plague is destroying the land, and also, the Tree-of-Life is bleeding death from its roots. The Tribes stand divided, in need of someone strong enough to combine them or bring them all down…
You are guided through the planet by a Storyteller that narrates each step of your trip, but it’s your activities and choices that will decide the way your story of survival ends.

System Requirements:

  • Requires a 64-bit chip and operating system
  • Processor: AMD FX-8350 or Intel Core i5-4690K or newer running at 3.5 GHz or higher
  • Performance: 8 GB RAM
  • Pictures: 4 GB Direct3D 11 capable video card – GeForce GTX 960 or Radeon R9 380
  • DirectX: Version 11
  • Storage: 25 GB available space
  • Audio Card: Integrated or dedicated DirectX 9 compatible soundcard
  • Added Notes: Keyboard, mouse, and an internet connection for Steam.


  • Requires a 64-bit chip and operating system
  • Performance: 16 GB RAM
  • Pictures: 6 GB Direct3D 11 capable video card – GeForce GTX 1660Ti or Radeon RX 590
  • DirectX: Version 11
  • Audio Card: Integrated or committed DirectX 9 compatible soundcard
  • Additional Notes: Keyboard, mouse, and an internet link for Steam

How to Install?

  • Download┬áthe Game
  • Extract It With (WinRAR)
  • Install (All in One Single Run-times / DirectX )
  • Run The Game
  • That is It Enjoy

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