Sun Haven Crack PC Game Free Download

Sun Haven Crack PC Game Free Download

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Sun Haven Crack PC Game Free Download

Sun Haven Crack is a medieval town where people from all walks of life try to make it as successful as it was once. You’ll find adventure here as a farmer, miner or fisherman, warrior, craftsman or mage. Your hard work will allow you to upgrade your farm, repair shops in Sun Haven as well as bring in new neighbours. You can bring back the bustle to the town by earning EXP from every quest. This will allow you to level up and advance to the main questline.

After a successful Kickstarter campaign in 2020, Sun Haven is now available on Steam Early Access. While you settle in the medieval town, you will rebuild the shops and build your farm. You will also be battling monsters as part of the main narrative quest. The devs will tell you that there are other ways to defeat the encounters.

You will be taken through two charming towns outside of Sun Haven as part of the main quest. The mythical Elven village of Nel’Vari is deep within the forest, where the Elves live in harmony with the natural world. Watergate, the rumoured monster capital of Elvens, is home to lively nightlife. It’s surrounded by darkness that seems never to end. These places will increase your skills tremendously, but it is up to you to focus on that growth. You can slash away with a sword if you prefer to hold it.

Sun Haven Torrent:

If a watering container is more your thing, there are other options to get through dangerous encounters, even with the boss. It doesn’t matter what your style is; you can use your talents to become the hero in your own story.

You can help revitalize the town by being a farmer, miner, fisherman, warrior or mage. The choice is yours. Whatever path you choose to take, your skills will improve, regardless of whether you are raising crops or animals, engaging in RPG-style questlines or even trying out romantic relationships.

Don’t forget to take a break, refuel and regain your energy! There will be plenty of time between quests to rest and tend to your Sun Haven farm.

Watergate, a monster city, located just a short distance from Sun Haven, is just a short drive away. You’ve heard rumours about the city that it is a dangerous place. There are many stories of strange creatures coming to the city with unique technology. You now have to decide whether you believe the rumours or not.

Sun Haven Crack PC Game Free Download


  • Fight, Farm, Fish, Fight, Mine, Smith, Cook, Craft Sun Haven must be revitalized.
  • Three Worlds to explore the Cozy Human Town at Sun Haven, The Beautiful Elven Village at Nel’ Vari and Urban Monster City either gate
  • SIXTEEN Different players races: Human, Demon and Elf. Angel, Elemental, Naga and Amari.
  • Tons of player customization: More than 200 different races and clothing choices
  • Multiplayer 8-Player: Online multiplayer allows you to play with up 8 people.
  • FIFTY-EIGHT romance-worthy characters you can choose from various animal races, including humans, elves, demons and multiple animal species. Or, you can woo your player in multiplayer! You can marry your character of choice, regardless of race or gender, and you can even romance them!
  • Unique MonstersYou can fight all over the globe to become the Sun Haven hero.
  • Home decorating with more than 100 pieces. You can decorate your home to the max, from your living room to the farm!
  • Dozens RPG-styled QuestsTo keep you busy while you farm and relax
  • Skill TreeThere are over 100 choices. You can create your play style and unlock many spells that will help you on your journey. These spells include Farming Spells as well as Combat Spells.
  • Pets and MountsTo collect and keep on your farm, or to join you in exploring the hidden worlds beyond the forests of Sun Haven

System Requirements:

  • OS: Windows Vista and higher
  • Processor:2 GHz
  • Memory:2 GB RAM
  • Graphics: Shader model 3.0+, 256MB video memory
  • DirectX: Version 10
  • Storage500 MB of space available

How to Install?

  • Download the Game
  • Extract It With (WinRAR)
  • Install (All in One Single Run-times / DirectX )
  • Run The Game
  • That is It Enjoy

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